Our Story

 Factory of Roses

Our founders, chef Matty Matheson and designer Ray Natale, have worked in industries where trade garments are an essential part of the day-to-day routine. The long, hard hours spent honing their crafts allowed them to witness their workwear break down frequently. Seeking clothes that provide utility, quality and style led to their partnership. The shared belief is that quality more than anything else, determines the success of a concept- the strength of a lifestyle brand and its connection to those who outwardly support it. 

In 2017, Matheson and Natale connected on the belief that there wasn’t a Canadian line that truly represented what they felt was the foundation of workwear. They wanted something simple, durable and could be worn well; something that any size or shape could confidently wear. They wanted something that was made in their city.

As the partnership grew and the brand developed, they found a local factory that aligned with how they wanted to manufacture our garments; heavy-weighted cotton, double stitched, built to last. It was exciting and hopeful, but then the pandemic hit and the factory closed. It was devastating, but in that moment, they found opportunity. The factory agreed to sell the partners the sewing equipment needed to make the garments. From that, the Factory of Roses was born. As a result, they have been able to oversee every step of the design and production process, employ local artisans and outfit local workers.
They took the biggest leap of all to create something they truly believed in. Clothing that would allow the wearer to shine and be themselves, so they could live up to their full potential. Clothing that allowed them to be seen, to be heard, to create. Clothing that doesn’t break down.

Beauty is the crack in the concrete, we are the rose that grows in the gravel.

Rosa Rugosa, For work or sport.